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    Contact Information:
    Department: Science  
    Email Address: llyness@bhpsnj.org
     Please send me an email with your phone number and a good time to call you back
     Where to find assignments: In your google classroom

    To access your "classroom" go to classroom.google.com
    Sign into Google using your GL information
    User: your GL email address (e.g., jdoe17@bhpsnj.org)
    Password: your six-digit student id followed by "BH" or "bh"
    Click on "student"
    Enter your "class code"
    Chemistry Concepts C cpwxyf6

    Chemistry Concepts D-0xsyg4w

    Chemistry Concepts G u5dwul5

    Chemistry Concepts H 1kmkrpg


    Extra Help: I am available for extra help, by appointment, before and after school, first half of lunch on day 1, and second half of lunch on day 4, as well as any mutually convenient time. I am at school by 7:30 if a student needs to see me in the morning or does not understand homework.  My schedule is posted on 212 door.