Mrs. Weber
                    (908) 464-1600 ext. 1673
     Welcome Back to School! Have a terrific year!!
    Teaching schedule for 2017-2018
    Block A - Social Studies with Mrs. Bokach grade 6
    Block B - Prep
    Block C - Social Studies with Mr. Roof grade 6
    EP Support grade 6
    Block F - Reading with Mrs. Tracey grade 6
    Block G- Reading Support grade 7 and 8
    Black H- Reading grade 6
    Please refer to the general ed supply lists for reading and social studies in grade 6.
    (Additional supplies will not be needed for Support in Gr. 6 or Reading Support in Gr. 7/8.)
    Google Classroom
    Please note:  You will continue to find assignments, homework, resources, links, 
    and important class announcements on my Google Classroom pages during the 2017-2018 school year!
    Go to: classroom.google.com
    Sign into Google using your CMS information.
    •  User: Your CMS email address
    •  Password: Your six digit student id with "Bh" at the end
     Click on "student". Enter your "class code".
     (You'll receive your class codes in September 2017. We will join the Google classroom together in class once we all have our iPads.)
     Class name: Support EP grade 6    Code: 63vf1w4
     Class name: Block G Reading Support grade 7/8   Code: ddc2i2
     Class name: Block H  Reading grade 6     Code: nw9ulm