Welcome to 6th Grade
    Mrs. Sena  A-12
    You can contact me by email:  esena@bhpsnj.org
    or by phone: (908) 464-1600 x1663
    To access the On-line Resources for our GLENCOE Math book, visit the website:
    connected.mcgraw-hill.com   Use the username and password given to you in class. 

    GOOGLE CLASSROOM: How To Access Assignment Information

    To access your "classroom" go to classroom.google.com
    Sign into Google using your information
    User: your email address (e.g., jdoe24@bhpsnj.org)
    Password: your six-digit student id followed by "Bh"
    Click on "student"
    Enter your "class code" for your math class:
                                                        Math Block A        Code: 3faekxx 
                                                    Math Block C        Code:  nkrib4
                                                    Math Block E         Code: nr1nhf
                                                    Math Block G        Code: py44jy
                                                    Math Block H        Code: 6whm3vf