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        My name is Marcie Hall and this is my eleventh year at Columbia Middle School.  I am excited to welcome back you, as well as my students, for an exciting school year ahead.  Please feel free to reach me via email with any questions or concerns.  
       This year we will be using Google Classroom to submit certain assignments and it is also another location for students and/or parents to access classroom updates.  I have attached the instructions for how to access Google Classroom: Google Classroom Instructions

    Block B: blhk4n

    Block C: jsepgy

    Block D: uu2rjf

    Block E: ix6kz0

    Block F: yhyt53

    Block G: v7dw139

    We will be using EdPuzzle for certain lessons and assignments.  Please make sure you join using the following class links.  Remember to use your Google log in information to sign up and to sign in each time you use the website/application. 
    Block B- bokedaj
    Block C- ragmafu
    Block D- faraine
    Block E- ravvuza
    Block F- goruzra
    Block G- icopanu
    Here is the document for my course expectations and grading: Course Expectations and Grading 
    Here is my daily class  schedule:  Daily Schedule
    Best wishes for a successful year!!!