• Hi! I'm Mrs. Kane. 



    I teach 6th grade Math at Columbia Middle School, and am on the GOLD team.

    Please refer to Google Classroom for detailed class information.

    I also provide added support by teaching EP Math class during EP2 each day.  EP Math is a structured educator-led class, and not a drop-in period. 


    About me.

    I have a Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (many years ago…).


    NJ Teaching Certifications:

    - K-6 Elementary Education

    - Middle School Math (grades 6-8).



  • Extra help: 

    I can arrange to meet with a student, or small group of students, before school or after school.  I am also available to meet with students during their Block B study hall.  Please have your student arrange these appointments via email.